5 Things To Do in Swakopmund, Namibia

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Swakopmund is a German word that can be loosely translated as "Mouth of the Swakop". It is used to refer to the city located on Namibia's western coast, about 170 miles west of Windhoek, the country's capital. It is the capital of the Erongo Administrative district, which is part of Namib Desert.

The city was founded in 1892 and was the main harbor for German South-West Africa. The city actually looks more Bavarian than African, with a good percentage of the 42,000 residents of the city speaking fluent German.

Swakopmund is a resort city that receives thousands of visitors mainly for its beautiful Atlantic Ocean Beaches. Below are a few activities you can engage in when in the city.

1. Visit the city's Attractions

Among the major tourist attractions in this Namibian city are the Swakopmund Museum, National Marine Aquarium, the crystal gallery and the spectacular sand dunes near Langstrand south of the Swakop River. These attractions and others are enough to keep you entertained for a whole week.

2. Playing golf at Rossmund Desert Golf Course

The Rossmund Desert Golf Course is one of the 5 desert golf courses in the world. It is where the rich Namibians and tourists enjoy playing the 'gentleman's game'. Trust me; it is an exhilarating experience that you would want to have over and over again - especially due to the sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the backdrop of Namib Desert.

3. Exploring the Desert and its contents

The desert that surrounds the Swakopmund city is something that will surprise you. It looks bare and barren, and yet there is a lot of life. A good example is the Living Desert Snake Park whose snakes are collected from the desert. Make sure you visit this park and see some of the most poisonous but rare snakes in the world. Oh, and before you exit the desert, make sure you surf on the sand dunes

4. Visit the National Marine Aquarium of Namibia

For a view of the marine species that thrive in the chilly south Atlantic Benguela visit this aquarium. You will get to see the fearsome sharks and the graceful Cape Fur Seals.

5. Buy some African-woven rug at Karakulia Weavers

These weavers use the finest Karakul sheep wool to make rugs that target the high-spending tourists. If you want something to remind you of your tour in Swakopmund, then a rug or a mat from the Karakulia Weavers will do you better - your friends will be envious of your new acquisition.

Like all coastal African cities, Swakopmund is hospitable, boasts delectable cuisines and has beautiful beaches. It is a budget-friendly destination.

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