5 incredible ( but crazy ) things to do in New Zealand

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The trick to staying young and happy is to engage in out-of-the-ordinary activities. People who take their life too seriously tend to suffer old age early. Have you noticed that your not-so-serious brother or neighbor seems younger than his years? Fun activities make you laugh more and more. They help you relax and enjoy little things in life. If you ever find yourself in New Zealand, don't dismiss the following activities as 'too outrageous' for you. Give yourself a break and lose that 'mature' mien. You will find life more interesting.

1. Sky Dive at Lake Taupo

The lake is as big as Singapore and is one of the best dive sites in the world. The wind beating on your face and adrenaline on the hyper drive will make you scream epithets that your Sunday school teacher would rather not hear.

2. Hurtle down the Canyon Swing in Queenstown

Have you ever thrown up with fear? What about feeling weak in the knees that standing was an effort? Well, hurtling down the Canyon Swing in Queenstown is an incredible nerve wracking experience that will leave you thoroughly entertained.

3. Sand Boarding at Cape Reinga

So you know what snowboarding is, right? Well, there is a sand alternative. Sand boarding on the sand cliffs of Cape Reinga may seem childish...but that's the point. Doing out-of-ordinary things helps you relax and unwind.

4. Zorbing in Rotorua

A zorb is a big ball that accommodates the zorber (my own English here) inside it. The zorber will then run in whichever direction he deems fit. Note that you will not be seeing what direction you are going...and therein lays the fun. If you fall into a ditch, the better. It is a fun way of killing time.

5. Bungee Jumping at Taupo Bungy and Taupo Cliffhanger

Bungee jumping is diving from a tall stationary object such as a tall building, a helicopter, a bridge or a cliff. Note that you will be safely fastened on a cord that will shield you from falling on the ground. Taupo Bungy and Cliffhanger are the best Bungee jump sites in New Zealand.

There you have it. You can decide to spend your life looking young and fun loving or old and haggard. If I were you, I would choose a fun-filled life.

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