5 Great Reasons To Visit Madagascar in 2014

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5 Great Reasons To Visit Madagascar in 2014

As more and more people around the world discover some of the best kept secrets of this amazing Island called Madagascar, there has been a growing interest and an increasing number of visitors to this island. We share 5 great reasons why this is one of the top 2014 destinations of choice:

Wildlife: The country’s largest attraction is its unique collection of animals and plants, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. From eco-safaris to luxury getaways, this island is the perfect setting for a remarkable adventure and a relaxing break.

Adventure Getaway: The Island offers all adventure enthusiasts an opportunity to take part in in activities like surfing, diving, snorkelling, kite surfing, fishing, bird-watching, yachting, kayaking and even seasonal whale watching.

Cultural Experience: A visit to Madagascar will leave tourists with a mixture of awe and wonder upon spending time with the Malagasy people. This Island has a unique and rich cultural heritage, with fascinating and unusual tribes.

Lemurs: Definitely a major attraction to the island are these unique and amazingly agile animals.

Great Value: There are a range of tour options depending on the clients' budget. Features may differ between tours, but the quality of service remains the same.

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