10 Reasons Why Travel Agents Are Better Than the Internet

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10 Reasons Why Travel Agents Are Better Than the Internet


In a world where most people coordinate their own vacation plans – travel agents account for about one-third of the travel industry’s revenue. Instead of spending hours browsing the internet, let a travel agent do the searching your next trip for you

1. They know whether you're actually getting a good deal

Because travel agents book so many flights a day, they will know whether that ticket to London, Sydney, New York or Rio is a great deal or not.


2. Travel agents know where to go in a city, or know someone who does

Most travel agents have travelled the world and have excellent knowledge on what to do and see in a city. If they don’t they will definitely have the contacts that have been there before and can recommend something for you


3. They can deal with flight delays/cancellations for you

Travel agents have a great relationship with all airlines and if your flight is delayed or cancelled then call your travel agent. You can relax while they will get it sorted for you in a timely matter.


4. If you are travelling in a group, they can get you seats together, on the same flight and for the same price

You may be having difficulties organizing for all those people in your party to sitting together or getting the same price. Your travel agent will have a better chance of getting your entire group the same ticket price, with seats together on the same flight.


5. They can get you an upgrade or dinner reservation at a restaurant

You may want an upgrade at a hotel or a dinner reservation at a restaurant you have always wanted to dine at. A travel agent has excellent connections agreements with many vendors around the world, so let them try to get these things for you, so you can feel like a VIP for the night. 


6. They spend hours of time searching for your trip on the internet and leave you to get on with your day

Let your travel agent do all the research for your trip. This is their job and it won’t take as long for them to find and organize the perfect trip for you. This way you can get on with your day and let the expert take care of all the details.

7. They get better prices, first

Travel agents have excellent relationships with the airlines and negotiated rates, so they will be able to get the best prices for you.


8. They do more than book flights

Travel agencies do more then just book flights. They can book hotels, tours, travel insurance and transfers to and from the airport for you. Also, as mentioned before they are a wealth of information that should be utilized.


9. They can get you extra amenities at hundreds of hotels around the world

Do you want to check-in early after that long flight, or a room upgrade or having breakfast included in the price? A travel agent is will usually be apart of a membership group that will get all of these things for you at no additional cost.


10. Do you need assistance throughout your trip?

A travel agent will help you throughout your trip. If you arrive in a country and you need assistance with something your travel agent is there to help you. A travel agent is here to take the stress out of making that booking for you. This way you can jet away and enjoy your trip stress free


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