10 Interesting Facts about Dubrovnik

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Aug 20 · in Dubrovnik, Croatia · about Culture & History

In the Croatian region of Dalmatia along the Adriatic Sea is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Dubrovnik is idyllic yet bustling with activity. It has people yet it retains the natural sea shore beauty. Below are a few facts about the city that will make you think about making the city your next vacation destination.

1. The city is a seaport on the Mediterranean Sea and ancient enough to have other activities apart from soaking in the Mediterranean beaches. The city is as old as 7th century.

2. The city was the capital of the adventurous Republic of Ragusa, a maritime republic.

3. In 1979, UNESCO added the city of Dubrovnik in the list of World Heritage Centers.

4. The city is surrounded by 2 kilometers of ancient walls and fortifications. Most of its buildings are built using the Baroque style architectural designs.

5. The city receives approximately 7.2 hours of sun per day. This is about 2630 hours of sun annually. I am sure you are already thinking of heading there.

6. You can engage in almost every holiday activity in Dubrovnik. From jeep safari, horseback riding, canoe safari, kayaking, sailing to the Elafite Islands and a visit to the national park on the Island of Mljet; tourists will never be short of fun things to do.

7. Dubrovnik, being an independent state, was the first country to recognize the United States as a sovereign state when it declared independence from the British.

8. As if to welcome you to its beautiful beaches, Dubrovnik's altitude is just 3 meters above the sea level.

9. The city occupies a land mass of about 21.35 square kilometers (8.24 sq. mi). In that small space, you will find some of the oldest European museums and buildings.

10. The State of Dubrovnik was among the first countries to abolish slave trade in the 15th century. It seems the country valued freedom even that far back.

The city of Dubrovnik is the Eastern European Paradise. It is sort of what Hawaii is to North America. You will be missing out on Eastern Europe's best destination if you do not include the city in your itinerary.


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