There Has Never Been A Better Time To Visit Europe!

Posted by Kemi Wells · Mar 31 · in Europe · about Culture & History

The Euro has reached historic lows, which means travelling to Italy, Greece, France and the rest of Europe is more affordable than ever! Contact one of our Luxury Travel Specialists for more information today - 604.736.7447

Exclusive, exceptional, enchanting...EUROPE!

We proudly work with Classic Vacations- a member of Virtuoso- to bring you a choice selection of outstanding properties in some of the world’s most stunning locations. Unearth the endless bounty of Europe through exceptional and exclusive promotions — savor a meal paired with wine, wake up to a breakfast served in bed, receive a free night, and more. There is an offer that is just right for you- contact us today to see how we can create the trip of a lifetime!

Europe is a land of riches — artworks of Old World masters, ageless traditions, and tales of the centuries. Sun-kissed waters, coastal promenades, and idyllic landscapes unite with archaeological ruins, historical monuments, and distinctive skylines. Choose from a varied selection of tours that showcase the best in each city and enhance your vacation. European Riches captures the essence of each locale to create an unforgettable experience that will captivate you forever.

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