South Africa's Blue Train Offers Luxury Tourism

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Why has the 900-mile journey between South Africa's Cape Town and Pretoria become such a desired trip for so many tourists? The Blue Train offers travel so refined and luxurious, it's easy to forget that it's a train!


Tales of the Blue Train date back to the early 1920's and, over the years, it has been improved upon and refurbished until it finally reached the status of luxury transportation. Like a 5-star hotel on wheels, ensuites are available (many that come with full-size bathtubs!) for rest and relaxation, as well as butler service, gourmet meals, and digitally serviced televisions, to name a few of the amazing features the Blue Train offers. All areas of the train are dazzled with intricate gold fittings and marble accents.


To understand just how magnificent this train is, it has been used by presidents and Kings to travel the distance between Pretoria and Cape Town. It's not all about the train, though – as you coast along smoothly (thanks to the train's top-notch suspension system), you are granted a stunning view of the South Africa landscaped in all its glory.

Watching the world go by as you relax with a glass of fine wine is a sure way to make you feel like the wealthiest person on Earth. Before you even board the train, the staff efficiently tags and loads your luggage as you are met with cocktails and finger foods (the only finger you'll have to lift for the duration of the trip).

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