Un-Cruise Adventures | from $2,295.00 USD

Posted by Nina Winwood · in Seattle, Washington

Un-Cruise Adventures | from $2,295.00 USD

Posted by Nina Winwood · in Seattle, Washington

Experience an adventure or river cruise. Paddle a kayak. Hike on a glacier. Go eye-to-eye with wildlife. Embrace the wilderness. Travel back in time. You're in for the experience of a lifetime with Un-Cruise Adventures.

The Un-Cruise Adventures Difference. Unrushed. Uncrowded. Unbelievable.

Built on a reputation of quality and experience, these small ship cruise explorations—intended to inspire and satisfy your curious nature—are an unbeatable combination of activity and discovery, service and expertise, awe-inspiring encounters, and value. Guests rave about the Un-Cruise experience and how genuine their crew is, often commenting that it’s not like a cruise at all. With fewer than 90 guests on their vessels, whether you’re traveling solo, with a companion, as a family, or with a group sharing a common interest—Un-Cruise Adventures provides an unimaginable way of uncovering hidden worlds and learning while having fun. Once you step on board, you’ll find the things that best define your experience are all included. There’s not much you’ll pay extra for, and there’s a cruise to fit most budgets.

They engage experts and historians to interpret, narrate, or bring history to life. In Alaska, a National Park Ranger might join you on board, or a U.S. Forest Service wilderness ranger kayaks right up to the vessel and hops aboard to talk about natural history and their special bond with the land; and in Hawaii, a respected elder teaches you to make poi. Every rare encounter, unexpected “aha!” moment, and uncommon amenity and activity are unique to your destination, itinerary, and vessel—and they are all exceptional.

Unmatched Exclusivity

  • Unique and flexible itineraries
  • Off-the-beaten-path explorations
  • Small-group, up-close discoveries
  • Unspoiled natural wonders
  • Insightful cultural encounters
  • No waiting in long lines

Unbelievable Ambience

  • Casual and relaxed atmosphere
  • Fresh, handcrafted, regional cuisine
  • Exceptional, personalized service
  • High crew-to-guest ratio
  • Top-of-the-line equipment and amenities on board
  • Unforgettable camaraderie on every adventure

Uncompromising Dedication

  • Licensed and certified onboard crew
  • Trained onboard leaders and guides
  • Decades of industry experience
  • Follow “Leave No Trace” practices
  • Positive impact in local communities

Where Can You Travel?

Un-Cruise Adventures has year round-departures to different regions!

Alaska: 7-12 Nights (April - September)

- Experience all that Alaska's Inside passage has to offer: wildlife viewing, polar bear plunges, exploring rainforests and glaciers, hiking, kayaking, and whale watching!

Central America: 7 Nights (Year-round)

- Explore the coastlines of Panama and Costa Rica: sailing through the Panama Canal, jungle trekking, whale watching, wildlife viewing, kayaking through mangrove forests, and making friends with Hummingbirds!

Columbia & Snake Rivers: 7 Nights (April - November)

- Cruise through history along the Washington/Oregon border: sail roundtrip from Portland OR on a replica costal steamer with on-board historians, living history presentations, shore excursions to museums and historic forts, wine tours, and amazing vistas throughout the trip.

Galapagos: 9 Nights (February - November)

- The ultimate eco-tourism destination: visit eight of the UNESCO world heritage Galapagos Islands, visit the historic city of Quito and spend a night in the late 1800s residence of former presidents, see the world's most iconic marine habitat and wildlife, hike, snorkel and kayak in the footsteps of Charles Darwin!

Hawaiian Islands: 7 Nights (November - April)

- Visit paradise in the Pacific Ocean: explore four islands, get to know the locals, kayak, paddle board, hike, snorkel, and relax onboard your luxury 36-guest yacht.

Mexico's Sea of Cortes: 7 Nights (November - March)

- Take in the best of Mexico's Baja peninsula: whale and dolphin watching, kayaking, searching for gentle whale sharks, taking a donkey ride from a local ranch, snorkelling alongside playful sea lions, relaxing on white-sand beaches, and discovering quaint fishing communities.

Pacific Northwest: 7 Nights (April - May and September - November)

- Discover the old growth forests of Washington and British Columbia: start and finish the adventure in iconic Seattle, explore the temperate rainforests, hike Mount Constitution, visit the UNESCO world heritage Olympic National Park, take a skiff through glacial fjords, kayak, and enjoy high tea in in Victoria.

If this sounds like the type of adventure that is right for you, contact one of our Travel Specialists today at 604-736-7447 or by email here.

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