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A beach holiday in Romania requires a great place to stay. Any of Romania's Black Sea Resorts can be found along the coast.

Are you looking to book your trip to Romania, and are not quite sure where to stay. Romania’s Black Sea Resorts, located along the coastline, offer the perfect vacation accommodations, services, amenities and facilities. The area also offers a busy night-life, a wide range of sports facilities and health spas, as well as numerous island attractions from castles to vineyards.

The Romanian Black Sea coast stretches out for 245 km (153 miles). The beaches have almost non-existent waves and miles of golden sand, making them perfect for swimming, lounging and enjoying a range of water sports. One can get lost in a world of fun activities each day. There are also tours available including Danube tours, and land tours, with visits to plenty of sites including ancient monuments, shops and museums. The options for leisure adventures are endless, and you can have a full day of activities everyday on your trip to Romania.

The coast is teeming with life, full of activities and leisure facilities, as well as nature reserves and pristine beaches. The Romanian Black Sea coast is the perfect place to start looking to book your stay. One can find both luxurious and economic accommodations, and still enjoy the area’s wealth of attractions, facilities and ‘must-stops’. For more details about this destination, or for help with booking your trip, please feel free to contact us.


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